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Shiatsu is physical and energy work with physical pressure and stretching of the body tissue.(1) This is done by leaning forward with the weight of the body to an optimal point and using fingers, palms, and so on, to provide sustained local pressure on various to exercise parts of the body. Shiatsu is a holistic therapy.(2)

Holism or wholism is a tendency in nature to form a whole that is more ordered than the sum of the parts by ordered groupings. Holism stands for an attitude to meet people in the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological context.(3)

The term therapy is to be understood as accompaniment in a treated activity. The ancient Greek word "therap" is attributable to many terms of therapy: The term "therapeia" means serving as well as a proof of the respect for a person through the service. The term "therapeuo" means to worship a person through services as well as to care for and care for them. The term "therapon" means `the servant, especially the comradeship, the free man who fights and accompanies the other '.(4)

The main goal is to balance people and there energy (Ki) by balancing tension and relaxation.(5)

The term "Ki" describes the life force or energy, the basic substance in Far Eastern medicine (and also in other cultures). Ki is found in nature in the pre-molecular area as well as in physical, mental and spiritual manifestations. Mostly Ki is translated as "energy". Ki can be understood as the ability of the world and of the body to organize itself.(6)

The terms "shi" = finger and "atsu" = print in their present form come from Japan. Recently it has become more sophisticated in the USA.

Shiatsu combines traditional knowledge with theories and techniques that arose in the west (for example physiotherapy, psychology).(7)


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